You know what pisses me off? Breakfast cereal. Specifically, the price and size of breakfast cereal. Specifically specifically, the increasing price and decreasing size of breakfast cereal boxes.

It’s maddening. And disgusting. And disturbing. And, hell, cereal is pretty much shit for the teeth, anyhow. But it feels like every other day, the price rises and the size drops.

Well, I have a solution!

Visited the local Stop & Shop today and picked up a box of Cinnamon Oat Squares—a generic store brand. Generally speaking, generic cereal is horrible—less sugar, more dry, crumbly nothingness. But this stuff tastes exactly like Cinnamon Life … arguably the greatest cereal known to earth.

OK, just wanted to share. Caio …

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  1. Cant believe your new book’s description and jacket are on Amazon but you never put it up on your blog. Whats up with that? Book tour? #sweetness

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