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LeBron’s empty fingers …

I’m not one of these guys who gets into sports legacies and such. LeBron is a great player whether he wins 10 titles or zero. It goes without saying.

That said, the kid has definitely set himself up for the mocking of images like the one above. Such is what happens when you announce your signing in the fashion LeBron did, then boast and brag and puff our your chest as he, Wade and Bosh did in that ludicrous Welcome to Miami gala X months ago.

I’ve got no beef with James. He’s a marvelous player, and beneath the glitz he doesn’t seem like a bad guy. But he sorta deserves this. If you talk the talk, then fail to walk to walk … well. Hey.

That said, what a fabulous Finals series. I haven’t cared about the NBA all year, but, man, amazing. Tremendous action, tremendous drama and … Dirk. Stupendous.