So Anthony Weiner resigned today, which he had to do.

I feel bad for him. Maybe I shouldn’t, but sometimes we can’t control our own empathies. He made some ludicrous mistakes; he clearly needed to go; his name is mud; his reputation is mud; his career is mud; his family may well be mud.

So he holds a press conference today, and people start yelling “Pervert! Pervert!”


It’s the ultimate example of kicking someone when he’s down, and it breaks my heart/baffles my mind. Anthony Weiner has been disgraced. Look in a dictionary, open to Dis-grace and his photograph may well appear. Can he rebound in some capacity? Probably. But for the rest of his life, his name will be synonymous with Twitter boner pictures. Fuck, I’d rather go to prison.

So while, again, it’s right that he resigned, and the women he contacted didn’t deserve this sort of treatment from an elected official—well, it’s still tragic.

10 thoughts on “Pervert!”

  1. If Marion Barry can find redemption, there is hope for Anthony Weiner and, by extension, anyone under the sun — living or recently interred.

  2. Not so much kicking a man when he’s down as Howard Stern deciding he wasn’t sleazy enough so he hijacked the press conference by having one of his minions heckle Weiner. To steal from someone else (I forget who), Weiner wasn’t committing crimes. He wasn’t hitting women. He wasn’t fathering children out of wedlock. He wasn’t doing anything non-consensual. The only person he truly hurt was his wife. She has every reason to be pissed at him and I would not be surprised to see Weiner’s marriage end because of this. Others who have done far worse are still in Congress. I agree that Weiner had to resign because politics is more about perception than it is about reality. But it is okay to feel bad for him.

  3. Yet, you’re the guy who pontificates about a bullshit interaction with a fictitious mom who tells you what a terrible husband she has, while painting all fathers as detached and shitty. You defend Weiner, while trashing the 98% of fathers who don’t actually fit into your immoral and phony narrative. Do you realize that propogating such lies (I use the word “lies” intentionally, because you and I both know you made up the scenario you led with) will ACTUALLY cost some father custody of his daughter. You should be ashamed, Jeff.

    Mike Wilson

  4. FYI, tried to send this through your contact page, but it failed:

    Jeff, your CNN article is a bit shameful. You and I both know that no mother poured her heart out to you about her terrible husband. It too easily fits the bullshit narrative you played into. I demand proof or an apology. As the toenail-painting father of an 8 year-old daughter, I had little chance to get full custody of my daughter, despite her mother’s infidelity and whacky behavior, because of the stereotypes you played into. I’m a good dad, loving, nurturing and very involved in my daughter’s life, and I am convinced that 98% of us fathers are the same. Your article was an easy score, in that it played up a wrongful, fraudulent stereotype (I literally feel that what you did in that article was the same as saying “Hey black people, quit being so fucking dumb and having out-of-wedlock kids”). It’s insulting and immoral. And while it landed you on, you probably quite literally contributed to some other father losing custody of his daughter. I demand proof of your encounter with the crying mom. If you can’t provide it, please issue a retraction. If you do neither, expect that I’ll take a limited amount of time (I’m very busy providing for my kids), but SOME time, nonetheless, exposing what you did here. Oh, and I’m this guy:

    Take care,
    Mike Wilson

    1. Mike, I’ve been a journalist for 17 years. I’ve been accused of many things—sometimes right, sometimes wrong. Among those: misinterpreting quotes (probably right at times), misquoting (hopefully not right—but certainly possible), taking everything John Rocker said out of context (laughable). Have never before been accused of, literally, making something up.

      Do what you’ve gotta do—this was 100 percent truthful. But I don’t owe you, personally, shit.

  5. I was going to pick on you for the use of tragic in this case, but considering your empathies, I shouldn’t. I feel not one whit sorry for him, but I do agree kicking him when the toll has already been charged is…distasteful. Have some dignity, is what I’m saying, let the man pay his price and forget about him.

    But dude, seriously, are we talking like 6 months in the county work house or going up the river for a couple of years here? Because that prison vs. twitBoner deal is a little too wide open as you framed it.

  6. Weiner didn’t need to hold a presser for a self-righteous farewell speech. It was the move of table-pounding beltway blowhard when a press release would’ve been perfectly acceptable.

  7. Jeff,

    I read your article titled “Dads Wake The Hell Up!”
    I agree with you that there are a lot of fathers that are content with being the bread winner. I think our country’s degradation of society is do to the lack of a positive male role model in the home. But this anti golf rant seemed to be a bit braggy to me. When reading it, I hard a fog horn tooting really loudly and the sound was coming from your general direction. I am sure you earned some brownie points from all your over worked domestic goddesses. But you put a bad taste in mine and the ice cream mans mouth. Nobody liked the quarterback who chewed everyone out in the huddle or the bossy big brother who took being in charge to a new level. I give you kudos for painting your toe nails and baking cookies for the P.T.A. meeting. But don’t bust my chops for not doing it how you do it. If you really want to make a difference. Consider going on the road visiting intercity areas where the children grow up without fathers, and teenage pregnancy is the norm and on the rise. You will find that there is no shortage of “fatherless children” around. It would be cool if fathers were more hands on. But what a better world it would be if fathers taught their children morals and principals. Like honesty, being trustworthy, reliable, hard work, and kindness. Then I believe you would find more young men growing up to be the kind of father that you are.

  8. Jeff I never play golf I wish I had the time and the money. The truth is I do a lot with with my children but I work more than the average dad. I am a father of 11 well rounded polite respectful, smart children.I had to get my rant out. Yes you came across boastful, however I thought you should be addressing a more major problem than Fathers with a hobby. With your platform, you should try to get the message out to “dead beat dads” and “baby daddys” and Jersey Shore types that sleep with any poor girl with low self esteem or who had too much to drink. I’m just saying. Ed

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