Guts in politics

Here it is, personified. Jim Alesi is a New York State Senator; A Republican—and he’s supporting the effort to make gay marriage legal here. He knows it won’t go over well within the party; he knows it likely kills and national hopes; he knows …

And yet, he’s doing what’s right. History will shine brightly on this man.

Just as it will darken those opposing gay marriage. They are the Bull Connors of our day.


3 thoughts on “Guts in politics”

  1. I like your take on history and its judgement. It tends to reflect better on those who increase freedom rather than those who constrain it. A guy could find a base among those who are socially liberal and fiscally…not so liberal.

  2. Good for Alesi on this one.

    But how bright does history shine on a guy that sues his constituents after he breaks into their under-construction home and proceeds to break his leg? Oh, and he waited to file that suit til the statute of limitations ran out on the trespassing charges they declined to file against him. At least he withdrew the suit after the backlash.

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