Gays and grannies and Southwest Airlines …

Holy shit—this is absolutely amazing. A big nod to Andrew Sullivan’s website for this remarkable audio of a pilot griping about his inability to get laid …

I like the end, when a peer says, “You wonder why airline pilots have a bad reputation.” Guy ended up being suspended. Probably should be canned.

Indeed. Trust me—watch and listen. Trust me …

2 thoughts on “Gays and grannies and Southwest Airlines …”

  1. The guy’s microphone got stuck. If you took a person’s worst, uncensored moments, the majority would sound bad (maybe not quite like this guy), but still profanity, somewhat offensive things, etc.

    Heck, I bet Obama, GW Bush, Clinton, Nixon have all said stuff nearly this bad in private. Suspension is appropriate, but don’t fire the guy over a mistake.

  2. It’s a good laugh. I read they sent the pilot to ‘sensitivity training’ and he returned to his job. I always find those type of things to be more of a corporation covering it’s ass than anything.

    I don’t think he should be canned. The hours and lousy pay most pilots put up with for years to get into that spot is grueling, not to mention the stress level with the job.

    I could care less if he is racist and wants to bend over attendants in his spare time. As long as he can get that tin tube from point A to point B safely.

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