The Book of Mormon

So last week, thanks to the help from a good friend, the wife and I were able to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway.

To be brief: Amazing.

Best muscial ever. Best play ever. During the final scene, I was laughing so hard I started to cry. Literally, tears were streaming down my cheeks, and I couldn’t stop. I love that Mormon makes fun of religion, but I also love how smart and keen it is. The play is 100 percent on point in its ridicule, and the beauty is one could fill the blank with any organized religion and it’d make perfect sense.

Seriously, see it. See it. See it.

Night, night.

PS: Did this interview on writing. Like how it came out.


2 thoughts on “The Book of Mormon”

  1. I liked your interview. I wrote a book that came out last year. Academic publisher, not a mass market kind of thing. Nonetheless, I found myself relating to your thoughts and feelings about the process.

    Your “cave” metaphor is fitting. I’ve used the metaphor of completing a marathon to describe what it’s like to write a book. It’s extremely rewarding, I’m very proud of my accomplishment, and I would love to do it again. I just don’t want to do it again tomorrow.

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