Very cool

Received an e-mail from someone affiliated with the above event. He offered to help pay for my flight to Kansas if I agreed to cover it. As a journalist, and as someone who doesn’t even take press box T-shirts, I had to say no.

That said, this is a friggin’ fantastic event.

2 thoughts on “Very cool”

  1. Stephen in NW Ohio

    I check this blog on a fairly regular basis. While I do not adore everything that Jeff writes, he strikes me as a thoughtful and admirable writer. I really like two aspects of this posting: one-that he does not take any freebies, no matter how big or small, and two-that he still found a way to promote this wonderful event without breaking ethical boundaries.

  2. I’ve been to Kansas this time of year.
    Raining and in the 90’s.
    That ticket wasn’t a reward.
    That being said, great event great cause.

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