Casey Anthony II

One point I wanted to make about Casey Anthony—a trial I didn’t follow, and gladly didn’t follow.

In this country, bad shit happens to children every single day. Beatings. Abductions. Kidnappings. Murders. Rapes. You name it, there are police blotters throughout the 50 states that tell the horrific stories of childhoods lost.

Yet for reasons we all know too well, the media only gets geared up when the kid is:

• White and cute.

Or the parents are:

• Rich and famous and/or powerful.

Seriously, it disgusts me—but it’s inarguable. How many times do these stories take place in the projects? In black/Hispanic neighborhoods? Never, ever, ever. Because the tabloid news media—and the people who follow the tabloid news media—don’t pay the poor any mind. Not when good things happen, not when bad things happen. Never.

Here’s a great post from Andrew Sullivan on this very topic.