Michele Bachman’s excellent ad

A brilliant political advertisement from Michelle Bachman—and I’m not being sarcastic.

Right now, the criticism of Bachman (a very, very, very, very, very, very legitimate criticism) is that she’s a fucking crazy Tea Party nutjob. And, indeed, she is. There is nothing Bachman believes that I believe; probably not a single value we share. She is as far right as right can be—George W. Bush and George Wallace combined. I feel very safe in saying that, were we all living in the 1960s, Bachman would strongly oppose the Civil Rights Bill.

I digress. The ad works because:

A. It’s simple and on point.

B. It’s beautifully shot.

C. It makes this crazy witch sound sane and reasonable.

Hate to admit it, but nice work.

3 thoughts on “Michele Bachman’s excellent ad”

  1. I read a WSJ profile of her last month. Her history as an IRS tax attorney gives her an educated and valid perspective on taxes and economic matters. Too bad she’s completely insane. Perhaps this is just schitck to reach her base. She plays the rabid, paranoid social conservative the way Ivy League Blueblood George W. Bush masqueraded as a good ol’ boy. Unfortunately, the performance of the incumbent President legitimizes her candidacy.

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