Today’s Wall Street Journal piece …

… is about the 1991 New York Yankees and, specifically, the holy trinity of Kevin Maas, Hensley Meulens and Roberto Kelly.

Never quite worked out.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Wall Street Journal piece …”

  1. I grew up with these Yankee teams and fondly recall guys like Sax, Pascual Perez, Randy Velarde, etc.

    I know they were atrocious but it was a different game and the joy I had watching or listening to at least part of every Yankee game in the early 90’s has never been matched by another set of Yankees.

    Its just a different organization now with the “Pride, Power, and Pinstripes” sloganeering, the need to buy an All Star for every position, and the win or its worthless mentality. Honestly I groan at the teams constant strain to make every moment a historic one.

    They can’t all be All Stars, you can’t always win, and not everybody deserves a Yankeeography, though Jimmy Key is beyond due.

    I hope someone writes a book on the Yankees from 82-95, the real Bronx Zoo but until then I’m happy to read pieces like this one, thanks Jeff.

  2. And just to completely out myself as a baseball nerd, last week I went to a Trenton Thunder game and ran into Gene Michael and giddily thanked him for his hand in making my childhhood. First time in my life that I have ever been starstruck.

  3. Thanks for this article. Every “die hard” Yankee Fan who hasn’t lived through, (or can no longer recall) a losing season in the Bronx should read it so they might educate themselves about a time when that organization actually made their fans earn it. Regrettably, there are too many seasons like this in Queens.

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