The greatest speech ever

E. V. E. R.

PS: Greatest comment ever, beneath this on YouTube: She should be put in a room full of Carbon Dioxide and see how long she last.

4 thoughts on “The greatest speech ever”

  1. I noticed nobody has commented on this, but so far 28 people have commented on the “idiot rural whites” post. Not only is she 100% correct, but nobody cares about this made up problem anymore. The economy is a far more important issue and this shows most people agree with that.

    1. Doug, a made-up problem? How do you know? Absolutely, positively know? Because I don’t know, 100%, that climate change is man-made. But I am unwilling to risk the future of my kids on Sean Hannity’s disbelief.

  2. Thats where you and I disagree about this. I worry far more about my kids future because of the sorry state of our economy. A few years ago the Minneapolis Tribune (could have been the Pioneer Press) interviewed the three network affiliate meteorologists about “global warming”, and asked them their feelings about the cause. KARE11’s Belinda Jensen(NBC) wouldn’t answer because she said it was too controversial. Dave Dahl (ABC, KSTP) and the wcco (CBS)guy both said it was the sun. I’ve paid close attention since then. We need to rescue the economy and carbon taxes will kill that and won’t make any real difference. If 95% of the GREENHOUSE gas in the atmosphere is water vapor and CO2 is less than 5% and we contribute less than 5% of that how could it be CO2? Mrs. Bachman misspoke, CO2 is about .03% of the atmosphere. The debate needs to restart before we make any rash decisions, but the global warming people have declared the debate over, which is as unscientific as it gets.

  3. BTW, I’m not 100% sure, but 99% is good enough for me. She wasn’t 100% correct either as I point out, she’s no Obama when it comes to speaking but she’s far more in tune with economic issues.

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