To hell with the GOP

I’m being serious—to hell with them.

I’m waiting—and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting—for President Obama to make “That” speech—the one where he calls out these greedy, arrogant evildoers for who and what they really are. All this talk about the debt ceiling, and how we need more and more and more and more and more tax cuts—friggin’ maddening. How about, in an age where the top 1 percent boasts more wealth than the bottom 90 percent, we actually tax the wealthy fairly? Because, last I checked, the richest Americans were actually, in many cases, paying a lower tax rate than Average Joe.

But—noooooooooooo. The Republicans insist, demand, insist, demand, insist, demand … no tax hikes. Ever. On anyone. At any time. And the worst part—you idiot rural whites, making, oh, $30,000-$60,000 for a household of four or five or six, go along with the GOP. You hear the leaders say, “Keep Obama’s hands off our money”—and you fools think they’re talking to you. Trust me—they’re not. The Democrats have never considered tax increases for those making less than $250,000 annually (though I think they should. Desperate times call for desperate measures).

Truth is, we’ve hit a new, horrible low, where nothing can get done, and the Republicans can rip Obama as an inept leader … because they refuse to work with him. It sickens me, especially because the man is waaaay too giving to the right. He’s their dream president, in many ways, only he doesn’t wear red and have an R by his name.

I. Am. So. Fed. Up.

23 thoughts on “To hell with the GOP”

  1. You partisan.

    One side won’t make a deal unless it includes tax increases. And you support that side. The problem, as it has been, and always will be, is with the spend side, not with the revenue side.

    One side would rather slit its wrists that cut that spend side. And that side is using granny’s social security checks as leverage against the stupid party to make that so.

    You. Are. So. Misled.

  2. C’mon. Seriously.

    Most of those guys could care less. Dems. Repubs. They are well taken care of for life.

    The democrats spend like there is no tomorrow. The repubs did the same. They are both in the same boat.

    It’s easy to demonize one. How about listen to the guy who never wavers and always speaks his mind: Ron Paul. Just plain common sense.

    Democrats, as much as it pains me to say this, would run this country into the ground and so would the Republicans.

    Jeff–I think you should study your Ron Paul.

  3. The US Government has a spending problem. Why make those who have EARNED what they have give the government more to mismanage and distribute in the form of handouts? That doesn’t sound like much of an incentive to work hard.

    1. jason, a. “earning” might have a loose meaning to you. a corporate ceo who “earns” a $5 million bonus doesn’t deserve that money more than a teacher or police officer. so has he earned it? and what about all of those wealthy who inherited their fortunes? earned?

  4. Jeff, I love your work. I really, really do. I want to keep reading it.

    But I’m white. I’m rural. I just see the world differently than you do in terms of taxes and government spending. (I also make more than $30k-$60k. Yes, rural, white people can make more than that.) That does not make me an “idiot” as you describe it.

    Calling me an “idiot” is no different than what John Rocker said about the patrons of the #7 train. You were right to call him out on it and I’m right to do the same.

    You’re better than that. By the way, I’m a lifelong Braves fan, too.

    If you want to have an honest discussion about this issue, we can do that. I promise not to call you an idiot if you’ll promise to do the same.

  5. Jason, if you lose your job will you accept unemployment insurance? When you turn 65, will you accept your social security check? Will you use Medicare?

    If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you forfeit your right to criticize government “handouts.”

    When people like you criticize “handouts” what you’re typically criticizing are “handouts” to people other than yourself.

  6. I’m a big fan of yours Jeff… Have read and strongly recommended 3 of your books (haven’t read the Clemons book) to friends. I check this blog daily and try and read both the SI & WSJ articles. I’m looking forward to the new book and imagine I’ll end up buying it on 10/04. All that being said, I’m a little disappointed at the vitriol that has become common place.

    I understand this is a personal blog to vent frustrations but one would think a professional writer would be able to better convey his points. Of course, I’m an “idiot rural white” living in fly over country.

    If I were to preface my argument against you by leading with “you uppity NY Jew” you would immediately dismiss (correctly) everything that I said afterwards. Once you turn to name calling your point is moot because you’ve already lost the argument.

    Just my two cents.

  7. Perhaps the GOP would have less pull if educated Westchester liberals didn’t refer to a vast percentage of our working class as, “you idiot rural whites”. I wonder why they feel alienated by the left?

    1. uh, no—idiot rural whites are middle american/southern white republicans who, when they hear the wealthy Republicans hollaring, “Keep your hands off my money!” think they’re talking to them. And they’re not.

  8. You guys who are getting all upset over the idiot rural whites comment are missing the point. And hey, “Me”, in comment No.6: If you’re making more than 30-60 K, he wasn’t talking about you.

    And Ron Paul? Folks, seriously? The one who thinks we’d be better off without civil rights? The one who thinks it is OK for businesses to decide they don’t want to let certain ethnic groups eat at their restaurants? Give me a freaking break!!

  9. The top 1% of wage earners already pay 38% of the taxes in this country, Jeff. You really think they should be paying more than that? Why should their success be financially punished, and why should people that don’t need government entitlement programs be in charge of paying for them? And why is the President so intent on taking more money from these people that he’s willing to risk not giving people their social security checks to do so?

    1. Brian, that is a v-e-r-y skewered way of looking at this. Even most Repubs (the level-headed ones) find the GOP crazy on the debt ceiling. A. Were a Republican in office, the debt ceiling wouldn’t even be an issue (in other words, it’s purely political); B. Where were all these Repubs when Bush was spending, spending, spending? Seriously, Brian, where were y’all? Because I don’t recall much complaining. In fact, I remember being lectured—repeatedly—on how it’s wrong to second guess a president during “war.” Well, we’re still in war; C. Clearly—and I HATE what he’s done—Obama has gone above and beyond to compromise on this one. Above and beyond. So to say “willing to risk not giving people their social security checks …” I mean, are you fucking blinded here? The GOP is insisting on cuts to medicaid, medicare and social security—BUT NO TAX INCREASES ON THE WEALTHY! EVEN THE WEALTHIEST! How can that be justified in any way, shape or form? Furthermore, the top 1% receive so many breaks and loopholes, it’s laughable. So don’t misstake how badly they’re punished.

  10. Brian, taxes don’t just go toward “government entitlement programs.” They go to the military, infrastructure improvements, Pell grants, NASA, etc.

    As for why people who “don’t need” government entitlement programs should pay for them…who else is going to pay for them? Someone who just lost his job or some 86-year-old woman living off Social Security?

    Moreover, it is almost certain that anyone who is successful owes some of their success to a “government entitlement program,” be it federal student loans, grants, public schools, a federally subsidized small business loan, etc. So consider your taxes a form of paying back.

    If you want to live in a society that doesn’t tax and spend, I am sure Pakistan or Somalia would be happy to have you.

  11. Liberal hate is not a good look.

    And before you tell me again that you are “a lover” – “idiot rural whites”, when coming from a liberal New Yorker, is certainly a term filled with hate.

    For someone who is so sensitive to any derisive talk about gays, you sure like to sling around nasty comments about other groups.

  12. Amen Jeff!

    All politicians are master of manipulation (GOP for sure). They are always turning the peoples anger from the real culrits and issues to make believe issues. I.E “keep your hands off my money”, Gay marriage, etc.

  13. Although I do like the Boss Hogg action figure photo, everything else in this article is extremely elitist and so partisan that even the NY Times editorial page would reject it outright.
    I know you come from a semi rural town and now with your U of Delaware degree and Westchester address, you think you know it ALL. This is exactly why the Dems lost their “white, rural working class base.” And do not tell me it is because of racism. When the Dems controlled the “Solid South” all the Dem governors and senators were congregationalists. T^he reason your party lost that base is because of Northeastern Liberal elites who view the majority of the country as flyover land.
    At least Republicans make their fortune and THEN go into public service. Democrats become CAREER politicians and vote on tax increases to make a comfortable living.
    I think you should really stay away from writing about politics Jeff because it is clearly not your forte.
    I am looking forward to the Sweetness book though.

  14. I meant to say when the Dems controlled the “Solid South” all the Dem governors and senators were segrigationalists….damn auto correct!!!!!

  15. “The top 1% of wage earners already pay 38% of the taxes in this country.”

    So? In of itself this means nothing. Theoretically, if they make 50% of the wages in this country, aren’t they then doing better off?

  16. When people have aid like housing aid, energy assistance, food stamps, unemployment, medicare, social security, and they rely on that aid and someone moves to take that away, through austerity measures, that is in essence a tax hike. A hike on the poor. You are raising the amount of money they must pay to live in this country at a time when they cannot find extra pennies anywhere. Remember that anytime a Republican rules out tax cuts but advocates a slash in services.

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