End of the space shuttle

I never blogged about the end of NASA’s space shuttle program, but this spectacular photo essay reminded me how sad I am about it.

Admittedly I’m something of a geek in this area, but, man, do I looooove space. Love it. I remember being 11 or 12 and seeing ET with my parents for the first time. Afterward, I sat with my dad on the hood of our Dodge Dart and looked up at the sky. It was so enormous, and I couldn’t—and still don’t—understand how something goes on forever and ever and ever. “Maybe there’s, like, a brick wall at the end,” I said.

“So what’s behind the wall?” Dad countered.

Uh …

Maybe I’m wrong here (hell, hopefully I’m wrong here), but sometimes I feel as if this country has lost its sense of wonder. I mean, we’re huge into technology as it pertains directly to our needs (iPads, laptops, etc), but I’m of the belief that space holds so many answers to so many questions. It’s just a matter of looking. And looking. And looking.

Now, thanks to the economy and a general indifference, NASA’s budget is way down and talk of travels to Mars (and beyond) isn’t what it was.

Bums me out.

Oh, well. Have a great weekend, and thanks for speaking up this week. I got hammered pretty hard, but, hey, it’s all for sport …