The Barack Obama I’ve been waiting for …

… appears right here.

Right friggin’ here.

The anger is palpable—and he’s 100 percent right. The Republican Party is not interested in the debt limit. The Republican Party is not interested in the potential collapse of the economy. The Republican Party is interested in taking over the presidency—even though the Democrat in office is a man willing to listen; willing to bend; willing to compromise.

But, no. That’s not good enough. They have to crush him. Destroy him. Even if it’s to the detriment of our nation—which it certainly is.

I am so angry tonight, because Obama has given and given and given—and you realize, right now, that the Republicans won’t give back. They won’t give an inch.

And they better fucking be blamed.

Because it’s on them.

23 thoughts on “The Barack Obama I’ve been waiting for …”

  1. He’s given nothing and submitted nothing. Not one indication of what he would cut or what taxes he would increase. The Republicans agreeing to lift the ceiling at all is a huge concession.

  2. Don’t be fooled by the bluster. It’s just theater from an empty suit.

    In the end, he will cave. It’s what cowards do.

  3. Exactly what has Obama “given” in this whole debacle? He is clueless. He’s great at acting cool, being cool, sounding cool in that deejay voice of his, and blaming GOP. And now he throws this phony tantrum. He might be looking to sabotage the bad ol’ USA, to bring it down via the economy. Blame it on Boehner. Even better, blame it on Bush!!!

  4. In a way, Obama’s presidency is similar to that “Left Behind” movie in which that evil guy cons his way into becoming head of the U.N. and then gets his minions (Reid, Pelosi, etc. in real life) under his mind control and unable to see him for what he really is— a destructive force.

    1. Monte, as opposed to the Bush administration, where a war was enacted under falsified material. Oh, wait, that was OK.

  5. I just want to praise Jeff for all the articles he wrote slamming House Democrats for failing to pass a budget over the last two years when they controlled the chamber. Clearly, that was irresponsible and a detriment to the financial health of the United States.

    Oh, wait … Jeff didn’t write any such articles. What a surprise.

  6. None of you guys are millionaires!!!! Why do you continue to support a party that could give a damn about you. And by the way kids walk away and don’t return calls not grown men.

  7. The president is a joke. He continues to use class warfare as a tool to spend our country into default. We need a recovery, not more taxes. He’s given nothing but sound bites for gullable liberals. He’s spent us to this point and now he’s using the default he’s created to try and raise taxes rather than make any real cuts in spending. He also wants these taxes to start after the next election, it’s all about the election. Mikes right, he’s never been told no and doesn’t like it.

    1. doug, i beg you—where was this outrage when Bush actually did spend our way into this? I mean, the hypocrisy is incredible. Where was the rage? You and yours vote in one of the worst presidents in U.S. history. He makes a remarkable mess of everything. That mess is handed to a Democrat—and you blame it all on him. And if anyone has the audacity to say, “Uh, Bush,” you scream, “Stop using Bush as an excuse!!” Where were you three … four … five years ago? Where were you?

  8. What a joke this bluster is.

    Jeff, please stick to sports. You were raised in a white, upper class New York suburb. You’re not a democrat.

  9. Ty, it’s Democratic tax policy and regulation that drives your jobs overseas. It’s Democratic immigration policy that lowers your wages. You may think the Democrats are interested in you, but all they’re interested in is power.

  10. Took a few minutes to think before I post this. First, it is impossible to have a discussion with all of the posters who support the republican side in this. In my opinion, the comments made in no way reflect reality. “The Republicans agreeing to lift the ceiling at all is a huge concession” is, in my opinion, the most ridiculous comment I’ve heard regarding this mess. Here’s what I do know: The republicans don’t give a rat about me. They want to eliminate Social Security and Medicare because that’s the easiest way to cut spending. I’m on social security. I’m on medicare. I need both to survive in this country. I’ve earned both of these benefits. I worked over forty years earning those benefits. I didn’t have a golden parachute or a silver spoon or a rich daddy or a sit on my ass job while getting paid on the backs of the work of others. My wife and I saved what we could because we had to. Now we are retired and we have earned the benefits the Republicans would take away from us. I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this way. Before you start cutting the benefits I have earned, do this: Get the hell out of Iraq; Get the hell out of Afghanistan: Get the hell out of Libya; cut the Defense Department’s budget by 25%; and restore all tax rates to where they were at the end of Ronald Reagan’s two terms. That’s my plan. To all of the posters whose spittle and venom will soon be flying save your energy. You and I will never agree on anything. I just had to say it:The republican party as it is now is out to destroy what’s left of the middle class. They are out to destroy me.

  11. When Bush’s largest deficit was nearly half a trillion I was pissed, believe it or not. But consecutive 1.7 trillion deficits are whats driven us to this point. Extorting money from the job creators right now is exactly what we don’t need. We need a leader to get out of the way of business and let the market start to recover. Every economist other than that idiot klugman agree’s you don’t raise taxes right now and americans want spending cuts now, not taxes.
    I didn’t read your blog when W was in office, I’m sure I’d have defended him on occasion.

  12. The Bush taxed cuts actually LOWERED taxes for EVERYBODY, not just the rich. If BO had let them expire, the BOTTOM earners rates would have jumped from 5% to 10%, essentially DOUBLING at a time when the economy is weak and gas prices are $4 a gallon.
    Also, not all rich people are “job creators.” LeBron James made $30 million dollars last year. How many jobs did he create? None.

  13. So Doug, what you’re saying is, if LeBron’s taxes go from 35% to 39%, he’ll have to lay off his staff (of hangers on) Or, he’ll stop giving jobs altogether to his high school buds? Our economy will be destroyed, right????

  14. First of all I would recommend you look at Richard Wolffs site and watch his video, or look up Capitalism Hits the Fan. Whether you agree with him or not he is very interesting.

    A couple of things here. When FDR was president, the government spent money to put 11 million people to work, started social security, unemployment benefits etc. The second thing is that back in the 30’s and 40’s for every dollar a person was taxed, corporations were taxes 1.50. Now for every dollar a person is taxes corporations are taxed 25 cents. How is that fair.

  15. If Republicans don’t bend, Obama not only gets re-elected, the Democrats get the House back. Don’t think it can’t happen. The House has already flipped twice in just six years. Independents decide elections.

  16. So Obama would rather send the country into default than have another debt debate in an election year (2012), and you Obama fanboys think HE’s the adult in the room? Ha ha ha.

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