Amy Winehouse

In the coming days, as Amy Winehouse gets memorialized, people will speak—with increased frequency—of her tremendous talent; of “Rehab,” her terrific 2006 single; of her old-school approach to soul; of a voice from God and the devil.

Personally speaking, I hope—before that happens—everyone watches this …

Amy Winehouse was one of the most gifted singers I’ve ever witnessed. She also had everything: Unlimited musical gifts, money to burn, a close family, etc. But she was a drug addict, and that killed her. She couldn’t kick the disease, and it wound up destroying her.

So watch the above video. Study it. See the way she stumbled around the stage; humiliates herself; insults her talent. And understand what drug addiction does to a person; understand the power and force of its grip.


3 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse”

  1. I always wonder why people think that celebrities should be happy, perfect people because they’re wealthy and celebrities.
    Clearly, this was a troubled woman with flaws.
    I am always baffled at people who cheer on death for celebrities because celebrities have talent or money the ordinary person doesn’t have/.

  2. To me she was a mirror image of Janis Joplin.
    Both amazing and unique talents that burned the candle at both ends. Both died at the same age.
    Sad to see a life thrown away.
    Dang now I have to do math – just kiddin’ being color blind the old system sometimes threw me.

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