Which president would you choose?

In the wake of yet another retreat by my once-beloved president, I ask: Which of the following presidents would you most want right now? The bad-ass former fighter pilot who confronts aliens with a steel-jaw resilience? The handsome widower who doesn’t let the Eric Cantors of the world push him around? The smart liberal who doesn’t take bullshit from radio anuses? Or our president executive, who continues to fall short when he needs to be holding his ground?

Here are your choices:

9 thoughts on “Which president would you choose?”

  1. Palmer. Bartlet is my boy but in retrospect he was kind of soft. He’s kind of Obama-y. People thought he was too liberal, too brainy, and too aloof. And he kinda was.

  2. Independence Day Bill Paxson.

    Overall, it would be Harrison Ford (Air Force One) or the president from The Rock (dropped bombs on Alcatraz to avert a more serious disaster).

  3. Bartlet was a bit of a pompous blowhard, no? Can’t see that guy winning a national election against anyone who could find a way to yell, “NASCAR, Jesus & Wal-Mart!” enough times throughout the campaign.

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