Beasley goes down!

Back when I was a kid, there was a brief spell when my favorite NBA player was Tony Campbell of the Timberwolves.

Campbell was a guy who spent a couple of years glued to the bench of the Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Lakers. Then, when an expansion team called, Campbell turned into a 20 ppg scorer. He was quick and active and unafraid to shoot from, well, everywhere (granted, when your second option is Todd Murphy, you huck the ball).

It was only later, as I aged and gained substantial wisdom, that I learned Campbell was, in actuality, awful. His shot selection skills were dreadful. His handle was mediocre. He played zero defense, and—this is a guess—teammates must have loathed sharing the court with him. Once the basketball met Tony Campbell’s hands, it rarely went elsewhere.

Though they play different positions, Michael Beasley, also a Timberwolf, is the modern-day Campbell. On paper, the stats look great. High scoring totals, etc. But, when you watch him, you realize the guy is dreadful. No defense, limited hustle. Just a bad team basketball player. Worse than bad—dreadful.

My point? Not sure, except that yesterday Beasley got humiliated in a pickup game. And the video is pretty damn funny. “Beasley goes down! Beasley goes down!”

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  1. Since you wrote that great Cowboys book, are you going to do a write up on Deion Sanders making the hall of fame?

    Some ESPN or SI article on him today claimed that he was the hardest working player on the Cowboys during that Super Bowl year. Not sure if you saw that.

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