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My kind of Republican …

I’ve made it pretty clear on this blog that it’d take quite a miracle for me to vote Republican in 2012.

John Huntsman might—might—be that miracle.

I’m really torn on this idea. The good part: I like Huntsman. I think he’s decent and honest, and appealingly un-smooth. He’s clearly the most up front and decent of the GOPers running for president; much closer to a, oh, Bill Nelson than a Rick Perry. The bad part: He’s still a Republican who opposes any tax increases and would surely appoint conservative judges all over the place.

The X factor: Obama—a huge disappointment.

The second X factor—Huntsman seems to be a huge underdog. The GOP in 2011 has gone insane, and that shows itself in the forms of Perry and Michelle Bachman, the two crazies/front runners.

The third X factor—I still may well like Obama more than Huntsman. Just not sure …