My kind of Republican …

I’ve made it pretty clear on this blog that it’d take quite a miracle for me to vote Republican in 2012.

John Huntsman might—might—be that miracle.

I’m really torn on this idea. The good part: I like Huntsman. I think he’s decent and honest, and appealingly un-smooth. He’s clearly the most up front and decent of the GOPers running for president; much closer to a, oh, Bill Nelson than a Rick Perry. The bad part: He’s still a Republican who opposes any tax increases and would surely appoint conservative judges all over the place.

The X factor: Obama—a huge disappointment.

The second X factor—Huntsman seems to be a huge underdog. The GOP in 2011 has gone insane, and that shows itself in the forms of Perry and Michelle Bachman, the two crazies/front runners.

The third X factor—I still may well like Obama more than Huntsman. Just not sure …

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  1. Found this link through your Twitter account. Thanks for publishing. Actually liked almost everything he said. Especially, the part about scientists.

  2. You saying ‘my kind of Republican’ is like saying ‘my kind of whore to cheat on my wife with’.

    Either way, you won’t be selecting that option, so it’s basically a waste of keystrokes.

  3. I think this line of thinking is misguided. Even if you vote for a Republican presidential candidate you think has the right ideas, they’re still beholden to the Republican base on everything — supreme court nominations, staffing decisions, legislative priorities, foreign policy, etc.

    Even George H.W. Bush — who I think in retrospect most liberals can agree was well-meaning and intelligent — left us with Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court, Dick Cheney as Secretary of Defense and a silly “no new taxes” pledge that contributed to poisoning the public mind against revenue increases.

  4. It’s true that Huntsman may eventually have to please the GOP base, but the center is where the battle will be won….it just depends who realizes it first.

  5. So you know, voting for Jon Huntsman is essentially like voting to give nutcases like Dan Riehl keys to the kingdom. It doesn’t even matter how sane Huntsman is…any R being in power is going to let a lot of wackjobs in too.

  6. He is still polling at 1%. Republican primary voters want and flamethrower so I don’t see that changing anytime soon.
    Tea Partiers want a candidate that contrasts with Obama, and this guy will remind them of how much more reasonable Obama is and therefore reject him.

  7. “Tea Partiers want a candidate that contrasts with Obama, and this guy will remind them of how much more reasonable Obama is and therefore reject him”. Congratulations Jeff on converting your one time arch nemesis into a bed wetting pantywaste like you.

  8. Jeff- I beseech you; do not give up on Obama yet. That is what the Repubs want. If you hear enough negatives about someone, with no offsetting positives, one starts to believe the negatives. The US economy had a -8% growth rate in the last quarter of 2008. Our man inherited this and 2 unfunded wars. He was basically handed a shit sandwich. Does everyone have collective amnesia? The Dow was over 12,000 before this entirely manufactured debt crisis. And how was this idiotic standoff somehow Obama’s fault? Because he didn’t engage in rhetorical nonsense like the Tea Partiers. Where were these Tea Party patriots when Dick “deficits don’t matter” was in charge. Why aren’t people more outraged at the treatment of this president? The Repubs were proud of Bush (for some untold reason). Obama has been given a teaspoon to dig us out of this ditch. Shame on us.

  9. Not tears; I’m pissed that the same crooks that screwed the economy to begin with have been able to manipulate the national conversation so. Suddenly we must cut and cut. It doesn’t matter that Bush spent and spent or that our demographics are such that more people are relying on SSI and medicare. We must just cut. Obama’s error may be that he’s treated the populace as adults. I still think he’s the smartest guy in the room. One other thing, the “Tea Party” promoted initially as all about spending. It’s interesting as time goes along that Tea Party dogma is dovetailing with the fundamentalist religious right. All libs should be very concerned about these wolves in sheeps clothing.

  10. @ Doug….nobody has “converted” me…I am simply stating a fact. The only people talking about Huntsman are the mainstream liberal media and liberals like Jeff that are mad at Obama because he hasn’t created the utopia that they envisioned.
    Not exactly your Republican primary voters.
    Tea Partiers are not gonna go for Huntsman and neither is the religious right.

  11. Also, I strongly doubt that Jeff Pearlman will vote for a Pro-Life,Pro-Business, Pro-2nd amendment Mormon conservative.
    He blogs about it in August 2011 but come November 2012, we know who Jeff will vote for.

  12. Touche, I was really just talking about the Obama being more reasonable than the tea partiers part, I may have misunderstood. If there was a slim chance I think it fell by the wayside when he said he’d gladly accept the vp slot on the Bachman ticket.

  13. Hey Jeff –

    Try googling Mr Nash. You totally fucked up on this one not doing research. You made a great point about that asshole Toure and then you let THE real Madoff of memorabilia use you the way ‘ol Bernie would play those early SEC investigators.

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