Wednesday’s Sweet Spot: Sunburst (My writing spot)

So most authors I know have their own “places” to write—spots that provide a habitual level of comfort. Many of my days are spent inside myriad Starbucks and Cosis and Paneras, and that’s all fine and well and good and dandy.

The joint I dig most, however, is Sunburst, a cafe located on the corner of 18th and Third in Manhattan. Is it clean? Sorta. Tasty? Sorta? Fairly priced? Sorta. So why the love? Well, the people who work here are insanely accomodating, the internet works 95% of the time, it’s located in a great spot and it’s open late. Hence, every, oh, three weeks or so I’ll spoil myself with a trip into the city (only a 30-minute trek via train), plop down here and stay as long as possible.


Oh, book drops 10.4. Here’s the Amazon and B&N links …

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  1. Jeff, your “Contact Jeff” link is not working, but I thought I’d let you know something. Maybe with your book royalties you can purchase tickets to see Hall and Oates at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville in December!

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