Today’s Sweet Spot: Zander Hollander and the photo of love

Back when I was a kid, my favorite books—hands down—were Zander Hollander’s annual sports guides. They came out before each of the big three professional seasons, ran for, oh, $6 a pop and included profiles and features of every team. I loved them, loved them, loved them, and always ran out to the store on Day No. 1 to secure my copy.

Hollander died about 10 years ago, but my memories of his great books has not.

Hence, today’s Sweet Spot …

7 thoughts on “Today’s Sweet Spot: Zander Hollander and the photo of love”

  1. I came across this blog entry when I was searching for Zander Hollander, wondering if he was still alive. I blogged about him on my blog (linked above) a couple months back. I had come across a couple of his books that he had worked on. He once came to my school, on my invitation, for a book fair. It was such an amazing thrill and he was so encouraging to a high school kid about following the writing path. Amazing time. It really was.

    I had searched and searched and came under the conclusion that it was possible he was still alive (I found some contact info for he and his wife, which showed a phone number and aprox. ages). I’m glad I didn’t try to call, now that you note he died some years back. I tried to find obituaries and have come up short.

    Somewhere, I have a few autographed books of his. I hope one day I come across them again as they would be nice to have. Thanks for this snapshot and your memories of him. So many people of the 80s generation really know who he is and it’s always cool to hear stories about him.

  2. I’m Zander’s nephew. It was his cousin (second cousin?) Zander who passed away; the cousin was a writer for UPI and other news outlets for many years, so confusion would be understandable. Zan is still with us, though unfortunately he’s not very mentally there. We’re going to celebrate his 90th birthday (just got the Evite) in a month in the city, close to where they live. My aunt Phyllis is doing as well as might be expected, with 2 post-college granddaughters to kvell over. I’ve forwarded the link to the blog to her and my cousins and brothers; I’m sure all will get a kick out of it. Best regards, and e-mail me if you want Phyllis’ e-mail.

  3. In the ’70’s, Zander bought many B&W baseball & basketball shots from me. The website above has some of them. I met him once at his home/office in Murray Hill. He was very gracious. He even arranged to have a copy negative made for me of the famous ’46 World Series Enos Slaughter slide.

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