Poor baby—only $600,000

I’m so thrilled that John Flemming, representative from Louisiana, agreed to the above interview. Because, at long last, we see what many Republicans mean when they scream, “Class warfare!” at the president.

You see, historically, class warfare means the lower class is facing a struggle. But not now … not in 2011. This year, the term “class warfare” has been adopted by wealthy Republicans to ward off a war against … wealthy Republicans.

The question is—will people be dumb enough to buy it?

5 thoughts on “Poor baby—only $600,000”

  1. I completely agree with Obama on this, but question his strategy. Tax increase proposals went nowhere during the debt ceiling negotiations, so why would they work now? Americans want immediate action, not 2012 election posturing.

    1. @ Dr. K – Better late than never? We will never be able to balance the budget unless the super-rich pay their fair share of taxes. Compromise didn’t work for Obama, so he might as well just put a rational proposal on the table and see if pressure from the electorate can get the Republicans to do the right thing.

      1. Wayne, I agree. But Obama caved rather than raise the debt ceiling, and I don’t see why the GOP would be willing to deal with him now. As disastrous as it may have been, I think Obama’s best move would have been to let the debt ceiling expire and deal with the fallout. Both he and Congress would have shared the blame, but he also could have gotten a better deal that included both entitlement reform and tax hikes.

  2. Both sides’ talking points in this debate discomfort me. The Republican’s oft-repeated “class warfare” descriptor borders on ludicrous. In times of crisis, asking the wealthiest members of our society to contribute more, is almost the exact opposite of class warfare, as much of the extra revenue would go to saving programs that benefit those less fortunate. On the other hand, Democrats keep hitting the “from those to whom much is given, much is expected” and “taxing the rich” themes, hoping we don’t realize that people making $250,000 per year, are not what anyone would describe as “rich,” at least not if they live in an area with a high cost of living.

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