Mr. T

Well, my Halloween dream finally came true tonight, and I dressed as Mr. T. Can’t say it went amazingly well. People thought I was either a member of the Village People or an expressively gay Native American, but, hey, that’s OK. Halloween is all about fun and imagination and quirks. Mr. T? Gay Indian? Pretty much one and the same.

Am always sorta sad toward the end, because the best holiday the world has ever known only comes once a year. Really, what bums me out is the looming knowledge that my kids won’t go for this forever. My daughter is 8, which means—at best—I’ve got another four years of her showing any interest in our annual gala. She’ll eventually tire of the neighborhood kids all gathering together, then walking the streets. She’ll want to go off with her own pals; carve out her own path. It’s the way these things work. And, while I hate the reality, I also acknowledge and understand it. Kids grow up. They move on.

For me, the best part of Halloween is the haunted house I do every year in the basement. This year’s theme was “Haunted Hospital,” which involved a lot of “actors” pretending to be dead, then jumping out and terrifying the kiddies. I added a fog machine and a hanging corpse, both of which paid enormous dividends.

Man, I love this holiday …

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  1. Jeff Pearlman, I am a born and raised Chicagoan who grew watching Walter Payton. He was the very best football player I’ve ever watched. I remember hearing about the circumstances regarding his father’s death and I still am amazed at how Walter handled it. No racism or prejudice ever came from Walter. As a fan of Walter Payton, I don’t the accuracy of your research nor am I afraid of whatever facts you assume we don’t want to hear. You stand to make a large sum of money off information no Walter Payton fan wants to hear. Your motivation for this book is your own financial gain and you are accusing someone who is not alive to defend themself. That person you’re accusing is someone who is very dear to the hearts of Chicago Bears fans. There is no positive thing to be gained from this book. So don’t try and pretend your motivation for the book is anything but greed.

    1. Chris, how can you possibly say that without having read the book? It’s insulting to me, but even more insulting to your own lack of curiosity. Furthermore, you’re basically saying we should never write biographies of the deceased; that unless the history is 100% positive and peachy, it shouldn’t be history at all. No JFK, Malcolm X. MLK, Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle … no biographies allowed once a person dies.


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