I want my private sector

My kids attend an elementary school that depends on crossing guards to safely guide students across a busy street.

Yesterday, the town announced that—due to budget hell—all the crossing guard positions would be eliminated on Dec. 31.

I want my private sector.

My neighbor Diane just made the point to me, and I agree 100 percent. Republicans always praise and hype up this grand idea of private industry filling the void; of making things right; of providing what the government no longer can. Well … OK. Get me some crossing guards, private sector. Get me people willing to stand on the corner of a street in the freezing cold and assist my children … for $8 an hour. Hook us up. Start the show. Bring the heat.

Or, as usual, don’t do shit.

I just finished reading the New York Times piece on how Democrats and Republicans can’t reach a deal on the budget deficit. Here’s what jumped off the page—Republicans agreed to $3 billion in tax cuts … on owners of corporate jets. That’s it. That’s all. Here we have this crazy income disparity, and the GOP refuses to budge on income. Ever.

This world can truly suck.

4 thoughts on “I want my private sector”

  1. Maybe you should post a flier near Zuccoti Park. Those people seem willing to sit in and/or sleep in the cold for free.

    Of course, pooping on the sidewalk would probably be frowned upon in front of the children.

  2. Also, didn’t you write an article praising yourself for being a stay at home dad? Maybe you and other stay at home parents with children attending the school could take turns volunteering as the crossing guards? Certainly there are several of you who could sacrifice an hour of your precious time to help children safely cross the road, right?

    Seems to me that this is a problem easily solved. Of course, for people like you, it is much more fun to bitch about services not being handed to you rather than doing things for yourself, but this appears to be an issue that your community can handle. (You guys love “community”, don’t you?)

    Think about it – how happy would your kids be to see SuperDad helping man the crosswalk? Why, it might almost be as awesome as tasting rose-flavored gelato!

    1. Actually, Riley, that’s a friggin’ amazing idea. Being serious—that is a great idea.

      And the bitching comes from reality: A sagging economy, increased community taxes. It hurts.

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