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I want my private sector

My kids attend an elementary school that depends on crossing guards to safely guide students across a busy street.

Yesterday, the town announced that—due to budget hell—all the crossing guard positions would be eliminated on Dec. 31.

I want my private sector.

My neighbor Diane just made the point to me, and I agree 100 percent. Republicans always praise and hype up this grand idea of private industry filling the void; of making things right; of providing what the government no longer can. Well … OK. Get me some crossing guards, private sector. Get me people willing to stand on the corner of a street in the freezing cold and assist my children … for $8 an hour. Hook us up. Start the show. Bring the heat.

Or, as usual, don’t do shit.

I just finished reading the New York Times piece on how Democrats and Republicans can’t reach a deal on the budget deficit. Here’s what jumped off the page—Republicans agreed to $3 billion in tax cuts … on owners of corporate jets. That’s it. That’s all. Here we have this crazy income disparity, and the GOP refuses to budge on income. Ever.

This world can truly suck.