Black Friday and Evolution

Part of the job of our historians is to place humanity’s actions into perspectives. There are certain events that define our greatness, and certain events that define our limitations. Space adventures. Wars. Super Bowls. Death Row. Rescues. Murders.

For me, nothing screams “We are derived from apes” more than today—Black Friday.

To say I detest Black Friday is to be too kind. I loathe Black Friday. It makes me want to move far, far away, to one of those hard-to-find lands where time isn’t a concept and people simply share. No flat-screens, no iPods, no laptops. It’s people at their absolute worst, with raw emotion and basic greed overtaking any sort of common sense. If you need proof, well, here …

And here …

And here …

Who’s to blame? Too many places/people to go around. Certainly the idiots who arrive to shop at 11:59 pm, then throw elbows and kick feet in the name of securing, literally, a material item. Oftentimes the individual stores, which fail to devise a proper security system. Mainly, though, I blame the corporations that own Target and Best Buy and Walmart. What happens here is all well-documented, and nothing short of despicable. In the weeks before Thanksgiving, prices are raised X percent. Then, come today, they’re dropped and—BAM!—people storm in for the so-called “savings.” The executives are snug in their mansions, happy and cozy in the comfortable knowledge that riches (off the backs of fools) await. And why shouldn’t they be snug? They’re right—we’re dolts.

Why, just earlier this morning a shopper in a California Walmart pepper sprayed 20 customers in an effort to snag her precious electronics. Police termed it a “competitive shopping incident,” which is a very nice way of saying, “This friggin’ asswipe attacked people in one of the most embarrassing and pathetic things we’ve ever seen.”


4 thoughts on “Black Friday and Evolution”

  1. After observing the behavior of humans on Black Friday and then offering it as proof that we are derived from apes is extremely insulting to apes.

  2. A shocker that you think the corporations are at fault here. They’re merely giving people what they want. Read this:

    It reminds me of people who blame McDonald’s for people being fat. The people want McDonald’s food, so they give it to them. If McDonald’s really had the power to force people to eat their food, they would produce cheap celery and lettuce sandwiches and even more money than they do now. But people don’t want celery and lettuce sandwiches — they want burgers and fries. ::::Shaking my head::::

    1. james, can’t fully agree. we live in a world of ignorance, and corporations clearly—clearly—capitalize on that. Know why there’s so much obesity in the inner-cities? Because the education level is low, and so is the nutritional awareness. On and on it goes …

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