The videos say it all

I first watched these two videos yesterday, and laughed and laughed. I was actually sitting at a computer on the campus of Manhattanville College, where I teach journalism. A student saw the book burning and said, “Doesn’t that hurt a little?”

I said No, but—to be honest—it sorta did. Admittedly, the neck-deprived goofball doing the burning made the video much easier to take. Hell, if a dog pisses on the carpet, could the dog really help himself? But it’s still my book … my name … my product.

Think I’m gonna try and line one of these dudes up for a Quaz. Stay tuned.



8 thoughts on “The videos say it all”

  1. Still obsessing I see.
    My ex used to obsess about such things.
    Here is a fact (honest) she also got a lot of headaches, suffered with fibromyalgia, and had intestinal issues.

  2. I always enjoy when people pretend to not know someone’s name. It’s as if you are so far beneath him that he can’t be bothered to remember your last name. It’s something most of outgrew in high school.

  3. Wow. What a bunch of contradictory retards… “I like Walter Payton, but I don’t much care for the life of Walter Payton.” Fascinating that people like this exist.

    They know there is more than one copy of the book right?

    Way to take it with a laugh Jeff. Kudos.

  4. Love both of them Chicago, you know, Chicago Walter Payton, you know fans. Absolutely laughable. Walter’s neighbor is incapable of making a point, you know, without spewing an explitive, and you know, well… saying you know. The second guy, you know, the book burner, well, you know, I could only watch about, you know, 30 seconds of the video before deciding to, you know, post this video.

  5. Began it yesterday evening. Finished it tonight. Hell of a book. I would have waited TWO years for it. Thank you for painting a picture of a man instead of drawing a caricature of one.
    -Cashmere, WA.

  6. How disturbing is that someone is wearing Octoberfest gear and they are burning a book. Somewhere the ghost of Thomas Mann and Hermann Hesse are shaking their heads.

  7. Jeff (If I may be so bold) went to great lengths to document hundreds of wonderful things Walter Payton did. It’s probably a 5:1 ratio of good to “bad”.

    If the guy in the second video could have handled reading more than 2 sentences he probably would have come across a superlative in the 3rd.

    Reading can be tough.

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