Making history

In the history of modern America, no phrase has been misused with such audacious inanity than “making history.” ESPN has actually perfected the artform, insisting that some third-rate athlete just “made history” by becoming the first Oklahoma City Thunder guard to hit six-straight three-pointers while standing on the left side of the court on a Thursday in November. It’s truly ridiculous—just because someone is the first to do something, or just because someone accomplishes a noteworthy feat, doesn’t mean we’re actually witnessing history.

Hell, I’d argue (strongly) that, by winning the World Series this year, the St. Louis Cardinals did not make history. The World Series was played in 2010. It will be played in 2012. Someone will win, someone will lose. It’s happened, literally, dozens upon dozen of times. Interesting? Perhaps. Attention-grabbing? Sure. Headline-worthy? Absolutely.

Historic? No, no, no.

In that spirit, I bring to you the greatest misuse of “making history” I’ve ever seen. Here’s the video …

The merging of the New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys isn’t history, or even slightly historic. Fuck, if we’re gonna be honest, it’s a travesty that—were there a God—could have been avoided. To merge a pair of dreadful, lip-synching has-been boy bands on one stage is as unhistoric as unhistoric gets. It’s a three-game hitting streak by Scott Flectcher. It’s a Jojo B-side. It’s the George Washington Bridge upping its toll by a quarter.

If anything, it’s anti-history.

2 thoughts on “Making history”

  1. I can assure based on the missed cues, notes, difference in the way songs were sung concert to concert, the Backstreet Boys were not lipsyncing. I can’ t speak forth New Kids because I’m not familiar with their song catalog, but the Backstreet Boys were singing live. It was one he’ll of an entertaining concert and it made thousands of concert goers very happy—-don’t be such a Grinch.

  2. First off, Happy Holidays.

    2nd, I find it odd that a guy that says he ” Loves ” music, does not like this.

    Two of the biggest Bands ever, on stage, Rocking.

    Dont hate!

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