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Will Reeve

Slower than a speeding bullet. Significantly less powerful than a locomotive. Unable to leap tall buildings at a single bound. Look! On TV! It’s the son of the actor who played Superman. And he’s not only a rising star at ESPN, but one helluva spokesperson for a cause near to his heart.

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U-Save and the worst rental car experience ever

OK, to begin with—I’ll acknowledge this was a poor call on my part. A few weeks ago, after we booked a trip for my son Emmett and I to come to Florida, I went online to Travelocity to find a rental car. Now, generally, we rent from Avis or Budget

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Aunt Barbara’s pad

I am writing this from an apartment in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It is large and decorated and gifted with a patio that overlooks some beautiful viewage. It is a place I love. It is also somewhat sad. Probably, oh, 40 years ago my wife’s grandparents purchased this place, then lived

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Held hostage at Hershey Park

The “Awesome! I’m a Hershey Bar!” child visits to contribute a guest post … It sounded like an amazing opportunity at the time. It was a July morning four years ago. My mommy and daddy said, “Get out of your cage—we’re going to Hershey Park.” I was excited, in

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Nancy Lee Grahn

The longtime “General Hospital” star might—on occasion—ask herself, “Why is my brother not dead, after I saw them extract his liver that was used to save my daughter?” But when it comes to the soap opera life, she couldn’t be more thrilled. Or grateful.

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I’ve now seen everything

So as I write this I’m sitting in a tiny Nashville coffee shop called Headquarters. It’s cozy and quaint and the music is pretty solid. The coffee tastes like coffee, the pastries appear to be pastries. There are outlets aplenty. I have no complaints. Well, scratch that. I have one

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My dad read my USFL book

My dad’s name is Stanley Pearlman. He grew up in Brooklyn, and played no sports. He wasn’t a Brooklyn Dodgers fan. He didn’t like the New York Giants. He has no stories of going to Madison Square Garden to watch Willis Reed. Once, when I was a kid, he won

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Black beach fest

Found this photo the other day at my parents’ house. Made me crack up. Back in the summer of either 1990 or 1991, I traveled with two friends from my hometown of Mahopac, N.Y. to Jones Beach for a day of relaxation in the sun. We had no real expectations.

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A reminder to Republicans

I pause from day-to-day life to provide Republican backers of Donald J. Trump with an important reminder. No charge. Following the inaugural season of the United States Football League, Trump—then a regionally known New York businessman—purchased the New Jersey Generals from someone named J. Walter Duncan. In the leadup, he

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