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7-5, Jordan and Isaiah

I’d been talking shit for quite a while now. Quite. A. While. I have two nephews, Jordan, 17, and Isaiah, 14. I’ve watched both of them grow from the time they were born. I used to throw Jordan around a basement bouncy when he was a toddler. I used to

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The last-ever episode of the sitcom

This is going to sound sorta strange, but I feel like I’m living inside the final episode of a long-running sitcom. For those who don’t quite understand that reference, travel back in time 34 years, when Happy Days wrapped after a nearly 11-year run. Now, when I was a kid Happy

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The important lesson of Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh is a former Illinois congressman and someone I disagree with on nearly all issues. He’s conservative. Arch conservative. Perhaps arch arch conservative. Through the years his comments and Tweets have often driven me to the brink of insanity. He can be rude, dismissive, harsh, angry, fundamentally incorrect (in

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The Postal Worker

He’s delivered letters and packages since 1985. That’s 33 years of angry dogs, weird customers and illegible addresses scrawled atop packages. The one thing he’s learned: Don’t masturbate in the truck.

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The last laugh belongs to Christian Hackenberg

In case you missed this, Christian Hackenberg was cut by the Oakland Raiders yesterday, a mere 72 hours after the team acquired him from the Jets. The former Penn State quarterback was selected in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft, and New York’s front office executives were immediately lambasted

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The little things

In this time of American craziness, I need the little things more than ever. An iced coffee with a dollop of chocolate syrup. A 75-degree day, sunny with a slight breeze. My daughter laughing over something silly. My son raving about a new song from Vic Mensa. A drive with

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Am I supposed to be happy about North Korea?

Am I supposed to be happy about Donald Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un? Am I supposed to set aside my loathing of America’s 45th president? Am I supposed to praise a man who, a day earlier, left our greatest international allies dumbfounded and deflated? Am I supposed to forget

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Four slices

So tonight we flew into Kennedy Airport from LA—our annual summer return to New York. We were all hungry, so we used Yelp to find a place called Amore Pizza in Queens. It was located in a dilapidated shopping mall alongside a Subway, a McDonald’s, some sort of frozen yogurt

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Tess Stone

Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, the friendly neighborhood Starbucks barista turns out to be a preposterously talented transgender horror comic book artist with a life-affirming outlook.

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