My place to write

In my current life as a writer, I tend to hop around. One day, Starbucks. The next, Cosi (although my local Cosi is so disgusting, I’ve sorta given up on it. Plus, too much elevator music). After that, the dining room table. I’m always looking for a great writing spot; the perfect combination of comfort, background noise and, of course, free refills.

Enter: The fireplace table at Panera.

That’s where I sit as I write this. It’s wonderful. Here’s why:

A. Cynthia, the Panera employee/lovely woman who took the above photo, makes for excellent conversation/company.

B. On winter days, the fireplace is fantastic. V-e-r-y warm.

C. Alongside the fireplace is a cement ledge, great for bag/clips placement.

D. Refills of all beverages, including iced tea, iced coffee and soda.

E. Between 11:30 and 2 they limit the free wireless to 30 minutes. Which actually works out well, because it forces me to turn my focus to highlighting material, etc.

F. The Greek salad, only $6.09 and 270 calories, is delicious.

5 thoughts on “My place to write”

  1. I mean this with all due respect. At what age is it too old to wear your hat backwards? I’m the same age as you are and I feel a little weird when I turn it around. Plus don’t ladies just assume that you are bald?

    1. Bruce: To be honest, I only wear my few fitted caps backward, because they look weird regular. If it’s not fitted, no backward.

      That said, I’d argue no age is too old. Be yourself.


      PS: I AM bald. Ish.

  2. Responding to your tweet and column
    Time to move on from the backwards hat ; especially since you’re past the age of thirty and it makes you lok like a hipster doofus or just a plain AssClown

  3. I agree that Cynthia is a wonderful person! Well, she is my sister-in-law and always provides me with great conversation too! Looking forward to reading your recently published book 🙂

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