Todd speaks!

Was watching Fox News at the gym tonight when Greta van Something said, “When we come back, a big endorsement.”

Commercials began.

Commercials ended.

The big endorsement? Todd Palin supporting Newt Gingrich.

Todd Palin? Todd friggin’ Palin? How is this a big endorsement? Hell, how is this even an endorsement? I endorse Barack Obama, but nobody asked me because nobody cared. And they shouldn’t care, because what the hell do I know?

Todd Palin? Jesus.

2 thoughts on “Todd speaks!”

  1. Wait, you *still* endorse Barack Obama? The man who has broken pretty much all of his major campaign promises? Who has expanded executive power beyond that of his predecessor? Who gets more campaign contributions from Wall Street than anyone? Who hasn’t prosecuted any Wall Street executive for actions related to the economic collapse? Who has stepped up the racist, destructive, awful War On Drugs? Who went to an illegal war in Libya without consulting Congress? Who has embroiled the country in drone bombing campaigns in a half dozen countries? Who has decided assassination of U.S. citizens is okay? Who just signed a bill allowing for indefinite detention of criminals without due process? Who continues to be against same-sex marriage?

    I could go on forever. Obama is the same as Romney and Gingrich on the big issues. A big government, civil liberties infringing, warmongerer. Because someone has a (D) next to their name means nothing. Principles, not party cheerleading.

  2. James, I would agree with most of what you have to say. There are progressive writers such as Glen Greenwald who say the same thing, But would you really want any of these republican candidates leading the country? Romney is a flip flopper, Gingrich is a lout. Santorum is a bible thumper, who want US laws to conform to the bible. Ron Paul is the only Republican that is for civil liberties, is against the war, but he may be the worst of the lot on other things. Perry is a doofus who can’t remember what he wants to departments he wants to eliminate. As much as I disliked Nixon, I would vote for him over these loons.

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