Jimbo Jones and the uniqueness of truth

So today I went through my Comments and found several from a person named “Jimbo Jones.”

People like “Jimbo Jones” always use fake names and fake e-mail addresses. Then they throw out accusations—you paid sources, you ignored crucial information, you did this and you did that (all related to Sweetness). Of course, they have no idea. They have their beliefs, which is certainly fine, but no basis of fact. So, with nothing to lose (no name, no e-mail address) they sling and sling and sling.

Which is why, if you’re Jimbo Jones, your comments have been deleted.

I’ll engage here. On anything. On everything. But not with frauds and phonies and people who don’t know whereof they speak. I love this blog, because I dig the interactions, as well as the chance to spew. I like Republicans and Democrats battling it out; I like Obama vs. Romney and Cowboys vs. Giants and Hammer vs Ice. I like it all. But I do not feel compelled to take crap from the Jimbo Joneses of the world, merely becuse they exist.

OK, rant over. That felt nice.