The bane of my morning

Every morning I give my kids breakfast.

Every morning, at about 8:20, I scream, “We’re late! We’re late! Get your shoes on!”

Every morning, we all rush out the door.

Every morning, those damn cereal bowls greet me back home.

Boy, do I loathe those cereal bowls. Half filled. Mushy, 70-percent eaten product. Warm milk, just floating there. I mean, I just wanna jump in the shower and go about my day. But I can’t, because the damned bowls must be taken care of first. Which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Pour them in the sink, an inevitable clogging of Honey Nut and Kix takes place. Dump the whole thing in the garbage, then forget to take out the garbage, and the house inevitably smells of rotted milk. Hell, the bowls themselves are pains. They’re my kids’ favorites, but those plastic straws have to be cleaned, or else there’ll be inevitable mold.

By the time the whole process is completed, it’s been, oh, 15 minutes.

I hate those bowls.

PS: And don’t get me started on the price of cereal, the massive amounts of sugar in cereal and the decreasing size of the boxes. Ugh.

9 thoughts on “The bane of my morning”

  1. …You know what I hate? When I’m at the liquor store & the clerk won’t take my 100 dollar bill!…1st world problems are the worst!

    (Perhaps, you shouldn’t fill the bowls as much.)

  2. I, too, hate the cereal bowls. But so far I’ve restricted the cereal purchasing in our house to plain Cheerios and three kinds of Chex.

  3. This really strikes a chord. I never finish the milk in my cereal bowl for exactly the description you lay out here. Who wants to drink dirty milk once the cereal is gone? But everytime I go to dispose of it, my wife gives me grief for wasting the milk. She says it sets a bad example for the kids. So I have switched to toast or eggs in the morning.

  4. It is just a cereal bowl, even with all the milk and cereal. It’s. Just. A. Cereal. Bowl. So if you’re one of these people who thinks it’s OK to tell someone he should die, or he should be ashamed, or he should go f%$# himself, well, go f%$# yourself.

    J/K, but seriously, it is just a f%$#in’ cereal bowl.

  5. This is so funny on so many counts. The silly way everyday ordinary things irritate us especially. I am always worried about our disposal backing up which it has way to often. I would hold my hand over the bowl so the milk drains and then throw the mush in the garbage. AND I grew up on Cheerios, Kix and Chex! They definitely have “less sugar.”

  6. This wouldn’t happen if you served your children nutritious bowls of Cookie Crisp cereal.

    It’s cookies! For breakfast.

  7. Totally agree on Cookie Crisp. I love that it’s called cereal. Can I just fill a bowl with Oreos and milk and call it breakfast?

    But your probelms are solved by flushing them down the toilet. Not the bowls. Just the milk and cereal.

  8. Here’s a tip my family has followed for years: (may gross you out?). We cut out the top of empty Arrowhead gallon containers and stick it in the side of the freezer. We just dump whatever crap we don’t eat in there so the garbage doesn’t stink and we don’t wear out the garbage disposal. And then we just dump the container out on trash day.

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