I hate Delta

Arrived in Potland this evening, sans luggage.

Delta lost it. I waited and waited, no bag. I’ve probably flown, oh, 500 times in my life. This has never happened before. And, at the risk of being a baby, it sucks.

The woman at the counter told me I could expense up to $100 for clothes because, literally, all I have are the duds I’ve now worn for 18 hours. I arrived at my hotel, asked if there was a place a guy could go at this hour, dreading the absolutely inevitable reply. Which, inevitably, came. “About 10 miles down the road,” the woman said, “there’s a Wal*Mart.”

So that’s where I went.

I’m no clothing snob. Crap, I’m a grade D dresser. But cruising Wal*Mart for decent duds is like cruising the halls of Betty Ford for a bottle of Jack. Everything is frumpy and outdated and, well, ugly. Again, I’m a bad dresser. But Wal*Mart is unique awful, in that there’s nothing a person can buy that would even suggest that maybe, possibly, perhaps he’s wearing, oh, Banana Republic or Gap or even Sears.

No, Wal*Mart is distinctly Wal*Mart.

Anyhow, I spent $80, and now I’m ready to go to bed.


PS: I’m here researching the next book, which means I’m traveling on my own dime. Which means I’m staying in a $50 airport HoJos. I’m no hotel snob, but something in this room smells, well, tuna-ish.

2 thoughts on “I hate Delta”

  1. Delta once was the standard of commercial aviation now it’s the dregs.Flew on a flight from AMS/DTW,seats were flat with very little cushoning,male flight attendant looked like he had not shaved for two days and had gone to an all nighter in his uniform and females could have cared less about the passengers comfort.SIMPLY I’LL FLY ANYONE,ANYONE BUT DELTA.THE SERVICE ON AMTRAC HAS THEM BEAT BY A LONG MILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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