Blood and you (and Rush Limbaugh)

Earlier today I was speaking with a cousin, who told me how important my blog can be.

“Eh, important?” I said. “How?”

She explained that people are often embarrassed or afraid or intimidated to discuss personal issues, such as health anxiety or bloody poops. “You’re not,” she said. “That can help people.”

Along those lines, I want to be blunt.

As I noted in an earlier post, two days ago I was told that I either have Crohn’s Disease or ulcerative colitis. The reason this was diagnosed is simple—I was excreting blood, and I got nervous. So I went to a doctor. And had a colonoscopy. It wasn’t pleasurable, but it was, I believe, important.

Point is, bodies don’t always work smoothly. In fact, they often don’t work smoothly. It’s important to check these things out; to make certain; to lift the hood. Is it fun? No. Disconcerting? Yes. But also very worthwhile.

One other thing. I loathe Rush Limbaugh. I understand entertainment, and saying outrageous things. But there’s a line to be crossed, and calling a college student a “slut” for using birth control crosses that—times 1,000. The radio station cowards (the same people who banned Dixie Chick songs after they spoke out against GWB) won’t do a damn thing, but they should. Limbaugh once got fired for suggesting Donovan McNabb was overrated because of his race—and this is significantly worse.