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The unwanted book

Best Buy doesn’t sell typewriters.

Atari stopped making the 2600 decades ago.

Yet why, oh why, do phone books still exist?

I arrived home today to find this humongous, plastic bag-wrapped antiquated collection of phone numbers and advertisements resting atop my lawn. I picked it up, took a quick photo (for here), unwrapped it and tossed it in the recycling bin.

At best, in 2012 the phone book is an OK doorstop. At worst—and this is the pattern that seems to apply most—it’s an enormous, inexcusable waste of paper and resources and materials. There is this thing, amazingly, called “The Information Superhighway” (some refer to it, merely, as the Internet). It contains a whole bunch of phone numbers! Like, a lot!

So, really, let’s all agree to move on and kill off the damned book.

It’s a relic. An annoying one at that.