A wonderful day for the Payton family

Was thrilled to learn on Facebook this morning that Jarrett and Trisha Payton have welcomed their first child into the world—Jaden Thomas Payton. As Jarrett wrote beneath the photo, “My dad would be so proud!”

Having spent nearly three years of my life on “Sweetness,” I came to truly admire Jarrett. He’s a man has father would certainly look fondly upon; one who has dedicated himself to preserving and maintaining and holding on tight to Walter’s memory.

When a person dies young, as Walter did, there is something horribly sad about all that he will miss. Walter wasn’t alive for Jarrett’s wedding, or Brittney’s college graduation. He wasn’t at the hospital at 3:45 am for the arrival of his first grandson, and won’t be there to see his first steps, hear his first words, watch his first smile. And yet, I love the way life moves forward, and legacies are maintained. This boy will grow up carrying Walter Payton with him.

He is of grand stock.



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  1. What’s your problem???? Can’t you leave his legacy intact? Just why? Too many $$$$$ that you think should be yours?? I wouldn’t read it if forced.

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