WE HAVE A WINNER! Book giveaway: Name the statue

So I took some time, and then some more time, deciding which entrant came up with the best name for the Miami Marlins’ new outfield statue thing. And after much consideration, we have a winner.

Antonio D’Arcangelis, congratulations. Thanks to you, the monstrosity from hell will forever be called …

The Island of Misfit Aborted Sea Creature Fetuses.

Antonio, hit me up at to claim your prize.

Of course, there were many great entries, and I’d like to thank all the participants. Here are some of the other favorites:

Dock Ellis Island

Mount Shitmore.

Are You Sure This Is What Peyton Asked For?

Marlin Over Miami

The Ozzie Guillen Rage Boner.

Jaws shits Froot Loops

Mt. Marine Biology

Jimmy Buffet’s Fever Dream

Clown Seafood Vomit

South Beach Suicide Watch

A Long Strange Trip with the Incredible Mr. Limpet

Mount F*cking Ridiculous.

Agador Sparticus

The Guy Harvey’s Wet Dream

The Charlie Tuna Memorial Mausoleum & Gift Shop

A Good Idea On Coke

Jeff’s Colon: The Interior