Received yet another apology today from someone who sorta ripped Sweetness when it was released—then read the book and realized, “Oh.”

I take all of these with smiles and appreciation, because people make mistakes. But I also maintain a smidge of anger. Never before (and never since) have I heard of people destroying a book they’d never read. I know … I know—Sports Illustrated and the excerpt and blah, blah, blah. It still doesn’t change the fact that 470 pages were being judged off of seven; and that the Chicago media had a field day on me behalf. I still have never heard back from John Kass, the too-tough-to-tough Tribune columnist whose scathing, juvenile hit-job still irks the hell out of me. Whenever I’ve written negatively of someone, and that person calls, I always—always—call back. Yet Kass, typical bully coward, doesn’t even return an e-mail. Not surprising. Just pathetic.

Again, I know … I know. Get over it. Be the bigger man. You’re right … you’re right. Sometimes it’s just hard.

Sometimes things sting.

10 thoughts on “Apologies”

  1. Think of how much that negative publicity sold books. Yours is not the first book that was ripped by people who did not read it and it won’t be the last.

  2. Hi, I read the book, it was a christmas gift, and I loved it.
    I can see how some may not be receptive to the whole truth about a man who is seldom if ever criticised , but I thought it was agreat book that really probably did more to help people understand Payton than some self serving piece that preaches to the converted.
    Kepp them comming Jeff.

  3. Let it go.
    This is eating you up. It will destroy your health and your life, while you will claim it is no big deal – – – riiiight.

  4. Jeff,

    You seem mad that people judged your book based on seven pages, but YOU WERE THE ONE who agreed to the seven pages that were used. And you did it knowing the controversy would increase sales. Then you act horrified? Get over yourself.

    Dude, I doubt you read these things, and for the record…I like your blog, and have read (and bought) three of your books, but c’mon! Your whole thing is to piss people off with your different take. Then you are surprised? Payton was beloved and YOU agreed to let the negative stuff get put in SI. For money and sales. I really love your style and work. But despite your pieces on homeless Italians, you are just a leftist ( I am a democrat) Rush Limbaugh. and a white Stephen A Smith.

  5. Ps

    I really really like your writing. The time you admitted to picking your nose to defend that guy? Wow. Very brave ( I’m being sincere). Your honesty and humor are awesome.

    Just stop playing the angry victim about that book when you agreed to the SI piece that started the focused anger. You knew it would prompt sales.

    If you had a favorite, and I mean FAVORITE relative or hero and someone wrote a bio with a spark notes edition of all the negative stuff they did…. Then wondered why people were upset?

    No SI? …no backlash. Can’t have it both ways.

    Again, I LOVE you writing. Funny, personal and insightful. Tou are talented. Obviously

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