Eight rows back

I complain a lot on this blog. About politics, about sports, about religion, about overflowing Spencer Haywood’s toilet.

My life, however, is sweet.

Very, very sweet.

As I write this, I’m sitting inside the Staples Center, covering Thunder-Lakers from six or seven rows back. A few moments ago I was hanging with Dyan Cannon, chatting about her new book and Los Angeles basketball and whatnot. I get paid to do this. As in, someone literally gives me money to experience things the majority of folks never get to see. I am handed money to ask people personal questions; to place myself in their shoes; to eat and smell and feel.

The majority of people I knew in high school and college followed their dreams for a week ot two, then were confronted by reality. I mean this not as a slap or a brag, just a truth. Most bank employees didn’t aspire to be bank employees; most lawyers didn’t aspire to be lawyers. Life happens, and takes us in surprising and unique and awkward directions.

My life has taken me here.

I am blessed.

3 thoughts on “Eight rows back”

  1. Lawyers don’t aspire to be lawyers? I guess it takes no aspiration to apply to and complete law school? You just get handed a law degree cuz your looking for a summer job and you do it until something better comes along. The next thing you know, you are stuck in a six figure career.

    1. large majority of lawyers i know went to law school for a year, realized they hated it but were 1 year and $60,000 in the hole. so, hey, gotta finish …

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