Pure love

The wife was going through my son’s school stuff tonight when she stumbled upon the above photo. Emmett made it in school last week—it’s me (D) throwing baseballs to him (E) in our front yard. I have a bunch of them in a yellow bucket, and he recently got an orange aluminum bat that he rightly named The Orange Hitter.

I wouldn’t sell this piece of paper for $100,000. Not merely because Emmett put his heart into it, but because it says (to me, at least) that he values our relationship and the time I’ve put into it. I’m a v-e-r-y fortunate and lucky guy, in that I’ve always been around to pick my kids up from school, make their lunches in the morning. That comes with having an understanding wife; with having a great job, etc … etc.

I’m lucky.

2 thoughts on “Pure love”

  1. You are lucky, Jeff. And your kid is pretty cool. From one balding guy to another, he gave you the right amount of hair, too. (just kidding.) Congrats on your lovely family and please remember how lucky you are not just now, but the next time you’re bewtox-deep in your next book and you feel like getting down on yourself and tell the world how tough you have it. You’re blessed, my man.

  2. You get lucky when they’re healthy, we’re lucky we live in this country, but being a great dad isn’t about luck. It’s about putting your kids first and being committed to doing everything you can to make sure they grow into happy, well adjusted, productive members of society. I really think it’s hard work, a true labor of love that makes great dads as lucky as you are. Yesterday when I read this Tiger Woods was on TV doing what he does, I don’t think he’s as lucky as you and I, doubt he sleeps as well either.

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