To Nazi, or not to Nazi?

Engaged in a pretty spirited round of self-debate today.

As people who read this blog know, every Wednesday/Thursday I run The Quaz, a Q&A with someone from sports, politics, entertainment, etc. I try and mix it up—a baseball player one week, a dancer the next. Well, a few days ago I thought it’d be interesting to do a Quaz with the chairman of the American Nazi Party—me being a liberal New York Jew and all.

So I sent the man, Rocky Suhayda, an e-mail.

Remarkably, he responded in the affirmative.

Yesterday, Suhayda shipped me his answers. They were hard to read. Offensive, inappropriate, ugly. They also happened to be, for me, riveting—a genuine insight into the thoughts and mind of someone whose views repulse me.

That said … what’s a blogger to do? Growing up, I was always taught that these people don’t warrant a platform; that giving their views attention in a mainstream forum only validates their existence. On the other hand, I want to know what and how other people think. Not just those I agree with; those I detest; those who offend me. There’s a reason earlier Quazes include a Tea Party activist and a right-right-right wing media member. I desired their takes, because I desired to comprehend their takes.

Of course, there’s a pretty big difference between arch-conservative Republican and Nazi.

So, dear reader, what would you do?

21 thoughts on “To Nazi, or not to Nazi?”

  1. Shouldn’t be a question, run it. Somehow, I don’t think he will convince anyone the validity of his positions but rather expose his intolerance for what it is.

  2. Post it. Most of the time i’ve found that instead of debating these folks you are better off letting their irrationality speak for itself.

  3. in this great country that we live in we all have a right to express our views to do otherwise is a form nazism.

  4. I don’t think I would read it if you posted. You have the choice now of giving them one less platform to spread their hate. It might give insight into their particular brand of hate but I don’t think we need a Quaz to find that insight.

  5. I say publish it. You might close comments on that post, due to the already toxic subject matter, but others may find it fascinating, and I doubt you will be mistaken for a Nazi sympathizer.

  6. So, you finally admit that there is a big difference between arch-conservative Republicans and Nazis?
    Based on most of your writing about Republicans, I didn’t think you noticed a distinction.
    I say you run and maybe in the lead up paragraph, you should APOLOGIZE to Republicans for comparing them to Nazis.

    1. Bobby, I beg of you, cite one time I compared anyone to Nazis. One time. I’m from a Holocaust-vistimized family; I would never make such a comparison. I accept your apology in advance.

  7. Does this guy have anything new to say? Otherwise, why bother posting it? Your readers know what Nazis think, and what’s always been good about the Quaz is learning something interesting and different about someone. I doubt there’s anything interesting about Mr. Nazi-man.

  8. yeah thats one comparison I don’t think you’ve ever made, but lots on the far left have. I would guess when the nazis were referred to ultra right wing facists and the comunists were opposed to them that somehow led people to think the far right were nazis. Facism is actually very close to communism, especially when compared to capitalism.

  9. Post it. Whether or not myself or others would read it, you did reach out to him for the opportunity for his “side” of reality. If you could get Rocker to do a QUAZ, with all the crazy he has spewed, wouldn’t you?

  10. I see I’m too late; the people have spoken and demanded publication. But I still have to make this point: one website declining to publish a third party’s comments is NOT CENSORSHIP. People are ludicrously quick to cry ‘censorship’ – even well-meaning folks like the many here who clearly diagree with the Nazi platform but still think they have to insist that it be published. Folks, it’s a really big Web out there. The barriers to entry on the Net are really, really low. Nazis can get their views across just as well as anyone else. An effort to shut down any site, anywhere, that conveyed their views – now that would be censorship. But one site exercising editorial discretion and declining to spend bandwidth on Nazi commentary that could very, very, very easily be found on many, many, many other sites? Decidedly not censorship. Frankly, I’d vote against running this stuff – I don’t think Jeff P. has any real reason to give the Nazis an additional platform, particularly when there’s a small but non-negligible chance that in so doing he would, in some small way, lend them a smidgen of respectability. And if he doesn’t run it, it’ll just run on VDare or Stormfront, and anyone who wants to find it will find it.

  11. You need to run it. You contacted him about it. He was “nice” enough to send you his answers. You should follow through with the rest.

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