Posnanski and Paterno II

* Note: The video was taken down. V-e-r-y wisely.

Ed Sherman pointed this out today on his excellent blog. Again, you can’t have a video like this. You just can’t. If I’m Joe, or I’m the publisher, or I’m both, I remove it ASAP. The peppy music has to go. The script has to go. The sentimentality has to go.

It’s a really, really, really tough spot for Joe Posnanski—one I don’t even remotely envy, yet one I’m fascinated by. I have no doubt the book will be wonderfully written and full of great stories. But is it even remotely possible to still have a feel-good Joe Paterno book when it really looks as if he allowed a sexual predator to roam the campus? I honestly don’t know.

This will be fascinating.

2 thoughts on “Posnanski and Paterno II”

  1. Posnanski was faced with a unique situation: He could use his year+ of access to the JoPa family and friends for definitive background, then dive into the Sandusky stuff to write the definitive (and super best-selling) book about how someone can fool a school, a community and a nation while hiding a cold-blooded pathology. Instead, he complains that the media has mis-treated his friend….

  2. As someone who is pursuing a PhD and who has worked in the Psychology field for 15 years I feel I have a decent handle on deviant behavior.

    Joe Posnanski would be wise to tread very lightly here as this will no doubt be the tip of the iceberg. First of all don’t be surprised if the victims reach triple digits with this sort of case. And coverups spawn coverups. It’s very likely that a terrible decision was made long before 1998.

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