I have two kids …

A boy and a girl. They are lovely little creatures, both of whom I would give my life for.

Which is why the world’s indifference to climate change makes me fucking seethe.

Seriously, what has to happen here? Have you noticed how unbearably hot it is today? and yesterday? And the day before? Have you noticed all the truly odd things happening across the globe? Storms, droughts, waves? Have you noticed that, oh, 99.9 percent of climate-related experts now agree that we’re 9/10 of the way toward fucked? That the planet is being slaughtered—and at a significantly faster rate than initially presumed? Have you noticed that turning off our lightbulbs at night and driving smaller cars isn’t really working?

Have you noticed?

How about this—have you noticed that the greedy, money-first assholes at BP and Exxon and the like put out warm-and-fuzzy environmental ads while doing absolutely, positively nothing to address this problem? To them, it’s all about profit. So what if the planet is melting? So what if they have kids and grandkids? So what?

I know … I know. I sound like a crazy alarmist. And, truth be told, I hope I’m a crazy alarmist. I hope Sean Hannity and the idiots are correct—and that I’m actually the idiot here. I hope it’s just a natural cycle—even though it’s not. I hope man has nothing to do with this—even though he does. I hope I’m the naive dolt. I really, really do.

Mostly, I’m … lost. What the hell am I—are you—supposed to do here?

What the hell am I supposed to do?