The worst song ever

You ever have something in your head (a song; a movie; a moment) that seems so incredibly great and awesome and lovely … and then, one day, you realize it actually sucks?

Tonight, that happened to me.

As a teenager, I was a huge fan of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. It initially hit theatres in the summer of 1989, when I was 17. Admittedly, 17 might seem a tad old for such a film—but I absolutely loved it. The writers and director clearly were in on the joke, and were fully aware they had to wink and chuckle at the ludicrousness of the premise. Indeed, even watching the film with my two kids earlier this evening, I truly enjoyed it.

And yet …

At 17, I recall absolutely loving the film’s theme song, a rap called “Turtle Power” that was performed by a duo called “Partners n Kryme.” The tune stuck in my head; a seemingly revolutionary introduction to hip-hop that would propel the artists toward musical greatness.

Or, ahem, not.

Tonight, I heard “Turtle Power” for the first time in at least a decade. And, man, is it ever awful. My daughter actually asked, “Is that an 80-year-old man singing?” The verses are ludicrous, the beat elemental, the concept cookie cutter. Why, it might even be worse than … this …


4 thoughts on “The worst song ever”

  1. The movie came out in March 1990, Jeff.

    Why do I know this? Because my brother and I were 9 and 11-year old Turtle geeks. I think the first time we were aware of the movie was when the teaser poster artwork showed up on the back of the official TMNT cereal that winter.

    When the movie came out, there was so much stuff. Mom was working at KMart at the time and grabbed an enormous promo poster from the store that we promptly destroyed (sigh). Plus, I got a copy of the soundtrack (on tape!) that was worn out within a few weeks. Pretty sure I can quote the song within 30 seconds, should I feel like clicking the link.

    Not sure if my sister’s six-year old son would like the Turtles, although Mom is telling him all about what Uncle Jeff and Uncle Jim liked as kids, so I suspect I’ll be telling him about the Turtles soon enough.

    Also, the CG movie that was released to theatres in 2007 was pretty good. An actual sequel to this, and full of ridiculous in-jokes to boot. Jeff and I enjoyed that one too, to our surprise. Definitely worth a look on Netflix, etc.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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