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… is calling bullshit on Paul Ryan and his fabulously ludicrous marathon time.


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  1. Terrific article! You could not be more spot on.

    I’ve also finished a marathon and given the effort (months of hard work) required to get through it, I still remember my time, within a minute or three, almost 30 years on. To claim a time an hour plus faster than you actually accomplished is nothing but a blatant lie. Maybe this is a stretch, but in my view this does say something important about Ryan’s character.

    I bet he cheats at golf too!

  2. I completely agree with you Jeff. I’ve never run a marathon but my dad has run 25+. I remember his exact time for his best race which was in 1990 when I was a kid. There is no doubt in my mind Ryan deliberately lied. Considering how easy it is to check on his time I can’t understand why he did this unless he just can’t help himself.

  3. Right on in your Ryan CNN piece. I wish someone would throw the BS flag on the claim Ryan made, while campaigning in Colorado, that he has climbed 40 (of our 54) 14k plus foot peaks – what’s that smell? There countless hunting pictures of Ryan yet not one of him standing on anything higher than his own self-concocted pile of BS.

    1. Plagerism was 8,000,000 times worse. And, it should be noted, immediately killed his presidential chances and was a HUGE news story. So people saying, “How come Biden gets off …” Well, he didn’t. At all.

  4. Jeff, enjoyed your CNN column. But please, Paul Ryan is not Wisconsin’s favorite son. There are many, many people in Wisconsin who do not agree with his agenda, or Scott Walker’s. And they’re not all in Madison.

  5. I’ve run quite a few marathons and know lots of marathoners. I’ll bet if I asked them the’d know the times of their first marathon and their PR. Well maybe not Rep. Jean Schmidt, I think she posted a false PR on her website till someone called her out on it.

  6. Looking at the picture I wondered why you didn’t bring up Mitt’s hunting claims.
    They are a perfect match for each other; two fine upstanding lying braggarts.

  7. Lying braggarts? C’mon. Thats pretty harsh considering the dems record on this subject. Lets consider a few:
    there was Jeffs guy, John Edwards, who spent a good twenty minutes combing his hair the exact same way before going before the camera. Most of us remembered how that ended, May Elizabeth rest in peace. This is not talked about when discussing the war on women.
    Of course there is Ted, who bailed on a sinking car only to leave poor Mary Jo to try and claw her way out by herself. She failed and this is not discussed when that war on women is brought up either.
    But my favorite is the biggest draw and star of the DNC, Bill Clinton. He looked directly into the camera on national TV and said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms lewinsky”. Of course, we all remember how that ended, this is never mentioned when discussing the war on women.
    The rightous indignation at the embellishments, whether intentional or not in regard to hunting or marathons by the repubs is completely ridiculous. You guys make your argument look pretty thin.

    1. Doug, none of those guys are running for President and Vice President as the GOP choice at this time.
      Only Clinton was a President and I can see him in a panic trying to shelter his daughter, and trying to preserve his marriage. In other words there was a reason (no matter how wrong) for his lies – Romryan lied just to look cool.
      Not defending any of these guys just pointing out that they aren’t running, Obama and Romney are.
      I’m not going to bring up people like Gingrich because they aren’t the GOP choice for President.

  8. So if I follow you correctly, using his position as president to seduce some gullible 22 year old intern, to use her like the sock I had under my bed as a teenager, then look the american public in the eye and lie in the name of saving his daughter some embarrassment, not himself, his daughter, somehow is excusable as long as he wasn’t trying to look cool? And here I thought you were a christian, you obviously don’t have a daughter of your own.

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