Mitt Romney and the great media mistake

Over the past couple of days, it’s become very trendy for media’s talking heads to come together and question whether Mitt Romney’s presidential hopes are dead.

I, personally, would love for them to no longer exist. Romney is a fraud. Actually, worse than a fraud. He’s an ugly elitist, one who genuinely seems to believe poor people are, universally, responsible for their own misfortune. This is a man, I’m quite certain, who has never spent much time in, say, Gary, Indiana or Trenton, N.J. or 500 other American cities where hope died long ago; where the idea of a college education is laughable and two-parent homes rarely exist.

But I digress.

Dismissing Romney for dead is a mistake. A big one. Why? Because, in today’s two-second news cycle, nothing lasts and almost nothing sticks. Today’s blunder is tomorrow’s, well, nothing. Because we’ve all moved on to the next blunder. Or triumph. Or whatever. In a week, we’ll all be calling Romney the comeback kid; dazzled by his fight up the polls after another bleak economic report. This shit happens all the time, yet somehow we take a memory erase pill and forget.

Is Mitt Romney our next president? I’m starting to doubt it.

Could be be? Yes. Without question.

PS: All that being said, what the hell is wrong with this guy? Really, it was an easy plan: Attack the economy, attack the economy, attack the economy. Simple. Yet Romney—an intelligent-looking guy—just can’t help himself. Again, I don’t want him to win. But as a political junkie, I’m dumbfounded and, oddly, a tad disappointed in his political ineptitude.

5 thoughts on “Mitt Romney and the great media mistake”

  1. By “political ineptitude” I can only assume you mean his bad habbit of telling the truth. Definately can be a liability these days. Gary and Trenton have been democratic strongholds for fifty years, how’s that working for them? Is giving people entitlements helping anyone get ahead other than the democrats that 47% helps get elected? Democrats are like teachers unions, just give us more power/money and we’ll dig you out of that huge hole we’ve dug for you/your kids. Great philosophy for the gullible and people with guilty consciences, the road to hell is paved with good intentions but you will need to work to get anywhere in life.

    1. “The point is that what people are now calling the Boca Moment wasn’t some trivial gaffe. It was a window into the true attitudes of what has become a party of the wealthy, by the wealthy, and for the wealthy, a party that considers the rest of us unworthy of even a pretense of respect.”
      His last paragraph says it all. I work for a company and am not management. Most of my co-workers are union truckdrivers that make about $20/hr, and work their asses off. I’d say 75-80% of these guys are republican simply because they are disgusted by the idea that people can live off the hard work of others. These guys all pay taxes, they think everyone should because that way they would have a vested interest in how their tax money is spent, not just in how much more others should be paying to prop them up. Also, the fact that Romney pays 15% is a good thing, if people with money didn’t invest it in our companies they would invest it somewhere else, the economy needs that money invested here.
      The “boca moment” is something the main stream media is doing everything they can to demonize, but outside of New York and California is known as the truth.
      Krugman is a blithering idiot.

  2. Social Security an Entitlement? They call Social Security and Medicare an entitlement even though most of us have been paying for it all our working lives. 4.1% of Americans are on Welfare… DAMNN thats a huge number/ While the top 1% of Americans own 40% of the Countrys wealth. Now some what honest 1 per-center will pay 10-14% in Taxes, Which is the lowest in Americans history. Average American pays 35% in federal taxes almost double. They have alot smaller income with all the other taxes added up they take the biggest hit from taxes compared to the income of the top income brackets. You can’t live on welfare for ever you have a certain ammount of time before it is cut off, get real. If a elite business man takes advantage of tax loops holes, and tax cuts, he is a great business man. A man that gets laid off, and gets enrolled in unemployment because he cant find work. With his family poised to starve and god forbid lose his house. You cast him as a no good scum sucking mooch of America. Why don’t we just look out for the top income bracket, and watch them ship all our jobs to China to save 20 cents on the dollar. When they get really rich from this practice they can run for president, and tout there savvy business experience!

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