Mitt Romney and the great media mistake

Over the past couple of days, it’s become very trendy for media’s talking heads to come together and question whether Mitt Romney’s presidential hopes are dead.

I, personally, would love for them to no longer exist. Romney is a fraud. Actually, worse than a fraud. He’s an ugly elitist, one who genuinely seems to believe poor people are, universally, responsible for their own misfortune. This is a man, I’m quite certain, who has never spent much time in, say, Gary, Indiana or Trenton, N.J. or 500 other American cities where hope died long ago; where the idea of a college education is laughable and two-parent homes rarely exist.

But I digress.

Dismissing Romney for dead is a mistake. A big one. Why? Because, in today’s two-second news cycle, nothing lasts and almost nothing sticks. Today’s blunder is tomorrow’s, well, nothing. Because we’ve all moved on to the next blunder. Or triumph. Or whatever. In a week, we’ll all be calling Romney the comeback kid; dazzled by his fight up the polls after another bleak economic report. This shit happens all the time, yet somehow we take a memory erase pill and forget.

Is Mitt Romney our next president? I’m starting to doubt it.

Could be be? Yes. Without question.

PS: All that being said, what the hell is wrong with this guy? Really, it was an easy plan: Attack the economy, attack the economy, attack the economy. Simple. Yet Romney—an intelligent-looking guy—just can’t help himself. Again, I don’t want him to win. But as a political junkie, I’m dumbfounded and, oddly, a tad disappointed in his political ineptitude.