Joe Biden

As A Delaware Blue Hen, I’m biased in my love and admiration for Joe Biden.

I know Joe Biden tends to say inappropriate things. And I know Joe Biden once dubbed a speech. And I know he can be scolding, and demeaning, and … and …

I love him.

I love Joe Biden because, unlike 99 percent of big-time politicians out there, the man is blunt. He says what he thinks and he thinks what he says and, in a sea of canned soundbites and talking points, Biden brings it—hard.

Having lived through the absolute misery of Obama-Romney I, I decided to watch Biden-Romney from the platform of an elliptical machine at my nearby gym. That way, if Biden absolutely tanked it and handed the election away, I could let out my rage through exercise. Instead, I found myself laughing aloud; yelping, grinning, cheering. Biden sneered and snickered and laughed—all general no-nos in debating. Yet here, in this moment, it was exactly what he had to do. The president is now allowed to sneer and snicker and laugh. It inevitably backfires, because he’s supposed to rise above such behavior. Yet those rules do not apply to a VP trying to defend his boss.

Biden’s job last night was to take Mitt Romney’s bullshit and flush it down the toilet—and he did so. Repeatedly. On his lies. On his plans (or lack thereof) for the middle and lower classes. On his elitism. On his foreign policy plans. Biden rattled off figures, but didn’t seem wonkish. He controlled the facts, but didn’t come across as one looking overly ambitious. He was, simply, great.

Now it’s back on Barack Obama.

The entire election.

4 thoughts on “Joe Biden”

  1. Jeff, please don’t try to pretend you’re anything more than a Team Blue obsessed, pom-pom waving, partisan cheerleader. It’s fine, as long as you acknowledge it. Oh, and there’s not much foreign policy difference between Romney/Ryan and Obama/Biden. Both love intervention. Both love unnecessary, undeclared, murderous war. War more years, either way.

  2. yep, you’re a cheerleader. one of those people who is in love with obama and biden. honestly, how can anyone love that lunatic? Joe biden is a power hungry liberal and knows he cannot defend the big man’s policies, so all he can do is paint pictures of romney and ryan to induce fear in the public and make them look like the bad ones. He’s completely out of it, and doesnt even know what state he is in usually. Romney lies..? Look at Obama’s record. Look what he and biden have done to us. Joe Biden is unprofessional, and when he heard Paul Ryan make smart arguements, all he could do was laugh it off. The left really gets more and more pathetic as time goes on

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