Two Losers: Bob Cohen and George Latimer (Part II)

Sadly, I’m not going to be home for the election.

This sucks. A. Because it’s exciting; B. Because I like talking with my kids about it.

Anyhow, I wound up getting an absentee ballot, which I filled in today. To end the suspense, I voted for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. For my state senator, I pulled a first-in-my-lifetime maneuver and voted for … Catherine Pearlman. My wife.

In good conscience, I just couldn’t select either Bob Cohen or George Latimer. I’m guessing Cohen is happy about this, because a Democrat not voting Democratic is, in a sense, his victory. I suppose I’ll have to live with that. Thing is … I have come to truly abhor the approach of both men, who have turned something genuinely beautiful (our Democratic process) into a fight of inane mudslingers relying on the predictable disinterest (and, in many cases, stupidity) of average voters. Cohen and Latimer (and the bullshit PACs that support them) have teamed up to send out, oh, 70 or so mailings. They’re almost all of the same ilk—This guy’s scum; this guy’s disgusting; this guy has no soul; this guy is a liar.

I can’t figure out how either man sleeps soundly at night, knowing they’ve taken an election into the grossest of gutters.

So, to hell with them. I’m all Catherine Pearlman.