Adrian Dessi and the column I needed to write

Last night, while scanning Facebook for this or that, I stumbled upon a video on Chris Dessi’s page. Chris and I attended Mahopac High School together, though back in the day I was closer with his older brother, Mark, a classmate of mine.

I digress. Adrian Dessi, Chris and Mark’s dad, is battling ALS, and Chris decided to run the New York Marathon to raise money for the cause. He generated more than $3,000 in donations but, when the race was cancelled last week, didn’t know what to do.

He wound up running it on a track.

Here’s the video. Trust me—a must-watch.

And here is the column I wrote for I’m not really a prayer guy, but please keep Adrian, Chris, Mark and the Dessi family in yours. They’re very good people going through a very rough spell …

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